About Helena Mackevych

Helena as a child with a teddy bear

Helena Mackevych is a professional illustrator based in Sheffield, England, specialising in children's illustrations.
She produces both published and commissioned work.

A lot of my free time whilst growing up, both alone and with my best friend, was filled with hours of drawing and sewing.

It brought me such joy and still does. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be an illustrator.

I would read stories and try to draw the pictures that came into my head. A wet playtime filled with paper and felt tips was always a dream come true. I did a degree in Illustration, graduating in 1994 with First Class Honours and became an illustrator.

Since then, I've illustrated books, magazines and greetings cards as well as selling many private commissions. I have always loved colour and the tiny details in life, which I try to include in my work.

You can buy my work in many forms from signed prints to tea towels, follow me on my Facebook and Instagram pages and feel free to get in touch if you would like me to do something for you - such as a private commission.

Helena and Cecil looking at nicethingsbyhelena.com




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